SDP-A256M-56TS Adapter LT-48XP/LT-48UXP/LT848 Programming Adapter TSOP56-DIP48 Adapter IC Test Socket 0.5mm Pitch

SDP-UNIV-48TS TSOP48-DIP48 Burn Block the Burn seat / adapter Suitable for LT-48xp/LT-48uxp/LT-848 programmer(624)

SDP-UNIV-48TS TSOP48-DIP48 Burn Block the Burn seat / adapter Suitable for LT-48xp/LT-48uxp/LT-848 programmer

GDP-F016-56TS adapter TSOP56 to DIP48 Programmer Adapter Suitable for LT48XP LT48UXP LT848 programmers

GDP-SOIC-2003 Programmer Adapter 200mil 208mil SOP8 to DIP Adapter for lt48xp/lt48uxp/lt848 Programmer Adapter

for LT848 Programmer Adapter SPI FLASH Adapter QFN8-DIP/WSON8/DFN8 Size 5x6 IC Test Socket/IC Socket

NEW BGA48 to DIP48 Programming Adapter for LT48/LT848 Programming TFBGA48 Adapter test socket Pitch=0.8mm Size=6mmx8mm

for LT848 Programmer Adapter SPI FLASH Adapter 300mil SOP16-DIP IC Test Socket/IC Socket

SDP-UNIV-44 adapter PLCC44 socket PLCC44 TO DIP44 Programmer adapter ic socket

SDP-UNIV-44 programmer adapter PLCC44 to DIP44 adapter IC Test Socket gold-plated contacts double-layer circuit board

simple SDP-6811-52B Programmer adapter PLCC52 adapter for LT48XP LT48UXP Programmer

SDP-UNIV-48TS Programmer adapter TSOP48 to DIP48 adapter Applicable to LT48XP / LT48UXP / TOP series programmer

SOP44 to DIP40 programmer adapter PSOP44/SOP44/SOIC44 test socket SDP-UNIV-44PS programmer adapter

TSOP48 Programmer Adapter TSOP48-DIP48/DIP40 Adapter SDP-UNIV-48TS/40TS/ZY248A/SA247/WL-TSOP48-U1 Programmer Adapter(3-in-1)

SDP-UNIV-44PSOP programmer adapter PSOP44 TO DIP44 SOP44/SOIC44 high-quality gold-plated contacts

Shawn Seah My Father's Kampung

Written by author and speaker Shawn Seah, My Father's Kampung delves into the social history of Aukang and Punggol as it traces a son's journey to better understand and appreciate the kampung life his father lived. The book is rich in personal stories and oral histories of those who lived there from the 1940s to 1970s, brought to life by Seah's passionate narrative as well as illustrations and photos.This book is supported by the National Heritage Board, with Forewords by Robert Yeo and Montfort Alumni.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Endorsements</li><li>Foreword</li><li><b><i>Prologue:</i></b><ul><li>The Teochew</li><li>The Singapore Chinese</li><li>Decline of Dialects</li><li>Teochew Food</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Why Did I Write This Book?</i></b></li><li><b><i>Where was Aukang?:</i></b><ul><li>'Teochew Kingdom' of Aukang</li><li>The Historical Past</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Catholicism in Aukang (1853&#x2013;present):</i></b><ul><li>The Rise of Catholicism in Aukang</li><li>Montfort School (1916&#x2013;present)</li><li>The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1853&#x2013;present)</li></ul></li><li><b><i>World at War (1914&#x2013;1945) :</i></b><ul><li>The Japanese Cemetery Park in Aukang</li><li>Prostitutes, Spies, and Soldiers</li><li>World War II and The Punggol Zoo</li><li>Fortifications</li><li>The Punggol Massacres</li><li>A Safe Haven at Surin Lane</li><li>Japanese Opium Dealers?</li><li>Suffering Under the Japanese</li><li>Catholic Mass for the Departed Souls</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Gor Kor Chiok (Fifth Milestone):</i></b><ul><li>Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary</li><li>Tou Mu Kung Temple</li><li>St Paul's Church</li><li>Masjid Haji Yusoff</li><li>Teochew Cemetery</li><li>Lim Tua Tow Market</li><li>The Original Site of Da Qiao School at Lim Tua Tow Road</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Lak Kor Chiok (Sixth Milestone) :</i></b><ul><li>Memories of Simon Road</li><li>Serangoon English School and Its Prominent Alumni</li><li>The Stories of Joo Hong Road, Lim Ah Pin Road, and Florence Road</li><li>The Upper Serangoon Community Centre and Boys' Club</li><li>Tua Jia Kar Village</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Kangkar (1900s&#x2013;1986) :</i></b><ul><li>Kangkar Fishing Village</li><li>Kangkar Through the Eyes of Mr Lee Boon Kee</li><li>Kangkar Through the Eyes of Mr Ng Kok Song</li><li>Other Memories of Kangkar</li><li>The Last Kampung in Singapore &#x2014; Kampong Lorong Buangkok</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Punggol:</i></b><ul><li>Memories of Punggol from the Eyes of Ng Yew Kang</li><li>The 'Haunted House' &#x2014; Punggol's Matilda House</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Kampung Memories (1946&#x2013;1975) :</i></b><ul><li>Everyday Life: Houses</li><li>Utilities: Water, 'Bath and Toilet' Facilities, Public Stand Pipes</li><li>Electricity, Pressure Lamps, and Private Generators</li><li>Transport</li><li>Entertainment</li><li>Crocodiles, a Bear, and a Python</li><li>Badminton Parties</li><li>Movies in the 1950s and 60s</li><li>Gambling</li><li>Fighting Fish and Other Animals</li><li>Banning Firecrackers Long Before the Government Did</li><li>Teochew Opera</li><li>Eking Out a Living</li><li>Private School</li><li>Travelling Hawkers or Street Hawkers</li><li>Commercial Farming</li></ul></li><li>Epilogue</li><li>Bibliography</li><li>Acknowledgements</li><li>About the Author</li><li>About the Artist</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> History and heritage enthusiasts of: Singapore history, placemaking history (districts such as Hougang, Punggol, Sengkang, and Buangkok), Teochew clan history; curriculum planners, educators, and students of Chinese Cultural Studies, Southeast Asian and Singapore History; alumni of Montfort School, Holy Innocents' English School, Holy Innocents' Chinese School, and other schools related to Montfort or the Gabrielite brothers.Singapore History;Teochew;Placemaking;Teochew Catholics;Singapore Chinese;Singapore Heritage;Houggang;Punggol;Buangkok;Ethno-Religious History;Southeast Asian Studies;Asian Studies;Biography0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This is Singapore's first book on the history of Aukang, Sengkang, Buangkok, and Punggol (i.e. northeast Singapore), from its early days in the 1800s with Malay and Teochew gambier and pepper settlers, to the 1980s when the area changed into what people recognise today as Hougang and Punggol</li><li>The area's history and heritage are culturally significant. First, Hougang today is huge. This is not a small backwater, but Singapore's largest public housing estate by land area in 2018. Second, historical Aukang which was dominated by Teochew Catholics is culturally significant. In 2014, it was announced that HDB planned to invest $9.5 million to develop a stretch of Upper Serangoon (i.e. where historical Aukang was located) into a heritage corridor. Third, this book could help those who live there today feel connected to the place and better appreciate its rich history</li></ul>

1696.22 RUR

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Мужской зонт ELEGANZZA

<p>Цвет: Синий</p> <p>Вес: 550 гр</p> <p>Тип зонта: Трость</p> <p>Механизм: Полуавтомат</p> <p>Материал купола: 100% полиэстер, эпонж</p> <p>Длина: 92 см</p> <p>Диаметр купола: 117 см</p> <p>Количество спиц: 8</p> <p>Материал каркаса: Карбон, фибергласс</p> <p>Материал ручки: Пластик</p>

3450 RUR
Мужской зонт ELEGANZZA

/ Мужской зонт ELEGANZZA / похожие


Terry Boyle Terry Boyle's Discover Ontario 5-Book Bundle

Terry Boyle is an incomparable observer of Ontario’s charming side, and its ghostly shadows. Presented here are five of his must-read guides for Ontarians everywhere interested in getting off the beaten track. <br/> <br/> <b>Includes:</b> <br/> <ul> <li><i>Discover Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Hidden Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario 3</i></li> <li><i>Haunted Ontario 4</i></li> </ul>

2543.57 RUR

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Ramin Ganeshram Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad & Tobago, 3rd edition

><p><b>“ . . . the first cookbook that teaches the home cooking of these islands in clear, concise recipes.” – Molly O’Neill</b></p><p>Inspired by memories of her father and her own experiences on the islands, Ramin Ganeshram introduces readers to the cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago, where African, Indian, Chinese, Syrian and British culinary influences come together in a unique blend.</p><p>This new full color edition has been completely revised and updated with numerous color photos, over a dozen new recipes, and a fresh, user-friendly design. Interspersed among the 170 recipes are cultural and travel notes that give readers a true taste of Trinidad’s rich, fascinating history.</p><p><strong>Sample recipes:</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Accras</strong></li> <li><strong>Doubles</strong></li> <li><strong>Meat Patties</strong></li> <li><strong>Shark & Bake</strong></li> <li><strong>Tamarind Fish</strong></li> <li><strong>Mango Curry</strong></li> <li><strong>Paratha Roti</strong></li> <li><strong>Black Cake</strong></li> <li><strong>Guava Jam</strong></li> </ul></p>

770.24 RUR

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George Meredith The Essential George Meredith Collection

Compiled in one book, the essential collection of books by George Meredith<br><br>CONTENTS:<br><br>The Shaving of Shagpat<br><br>The Ordeal of Richard Feverel<br><br>Sandra Belloni<br><br>Rhoda Fleming<br><br>Evan Harrington<br><br>Vittoria<br><br>The Adventures of Harry Richmond<br><br>Beauchamp&#39;s Career<br><br>The Egoist<br><br>The Tragic Comedians<br><br>Diana of the Crossways<br><br>One of Our Conquerors<br><br>Lord Ormont and his Aminta<br><br>The Amazing Marriage<br><br>Celt and Saxon<br><br>Farina<br><br>Case of General Ople<br><br>The Tale of Chloe<br><br>The House on the Beach<br><br>The Gentleman of Fifty<br><br>The Sentimentalists<br><br>On The Idea Of Comedy And Of The Uses Of The Comic Spirit<br><br>Miscellaneous Prose<br><br>Introduction To W. M. Thackeray&#39;s &quot;The Four Georges&quot;<br><br>A Pause In The Strife.<br><br>Concession To The Celt.<br><br>Leslie Stephen.<br><br>Correspondence From The Seat Of War In Italy Letters<br><br>Written To The &#39;Morning Post&#39; From The Seat Of War In Italy.<br><br>Poetry:<br><br>A Reading of Life, and Other Poems<br><br>Poems, Volume 1.<br><br>Poems, Volume 2.<br><br>Poems, Volume 3.

232.54 RUR

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